‘Seeing Auschwitz’ Exhibition Receives Acclaim and Admiration in Charlotte


After its 3 months stay in Charlotte, Musealia’s ‘Seeing Auschwitz’ exhibition becomes its top-rated showcase.

Following its recent stop in Charlotte, where ‘Seeing Auschwitz’ received an outstanding 4,9/5 rating, attendees were left the exhibition site deeply moved and profoundly informed. Described as an emotionally charged and remarkably informative experience, the exhibition has been praised for its ability to enrich the understanding of individuals and students alike, about one of the most pivotal periods in human history.

At the heart of this impactful display is a collection of over 100 images, sketches and testimonies, each capturing a different perspective from victims, perpetrators, and the world beyond. These images not only serve as a window into the past, but also as a mirror reflecting our own contemporary society. They prompt us to question not just the events of that time, but also the individuals behind the lens and our role as a modern-day witness.

We are immensely honored to have the opportunity to share this impactful exhibit with audiences worldwide, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Greenspon Holocaust and Social Justice Educational Center and its dedicated team for their support in making this stay in Charlotte possible. Their commitment to educating future generations is truly commendable.

If you are interested in hosting this showcase in your community, reach out to us at info@musealia.net.


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