Powerful stories about the past. present. future.

From initial idea to ultimate installation, we design and manage our exhibitions from end to end.

Universal stories.

We want our exhibitions to reach the widest possible audience. So we tell powerful stories about history’s most significant events, by adapting them into exhibitions that express their universal significance and ongoing relevance.


Each project marries outstanding scholarship with a powerful narrative, backed up by strong concept design. The combination delivers a rich, complex and satisfying experience for our audiences.

Accesible Language
We design exhibitions so that they are accessible to all, regardless of education level of subject knowledge. We believe that an understanding of the realities that shape the world should be available everyone.

Audioguide, always
We include a professionally produced audioguide in the price of every ticket, as a way of enriching the visitor experience, as well as making it available in multiple different languages, including the local language of each stop on the exhibition’s tour.

Experiences beyond
the visit.

Each exhibition has the potential to be a catalyst for a national conversation, so we magnify the experience through the creation of educational and cultural programs, talks, events and engagement with local press and broadcast media.

We encourage lifelong learning so, alongside each exhibition, we offer open access courses, teacher training and educational materials created specifically for students. All learning materials are developed by Musealia’s expert educators, together with regional institutions, ensuring that they complement the local curriculum.

Cultural Programe 
Talks, lectures, concerts and local press and media coverage all help to magnify the message of each exhibition and bring it closer to home. The cultural programme runs in parallel with the exhibition throughout its run.

Authenticity and academic expertise.

Important original artefacts occupy the heart of every Musealia exhibition. Their authenticity serves as a direct witness to history, linking past and present.

While original artefacts have immeasurable educational and cultural value in themselves, our determination to work with leading curators, academics and institutions reflects the seriousness and rigour with which we approach each topic.


Our exhibitions are aways based on the best available scientific and academic research, and we work hard to ensure that the most respected museums and experts in their field are involved, ensuring an authoritative as well as engaging portrayal of these significant historical events.

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