Titanic ship model.
Collection of Musealia.

The true story of a legend.

An exhibition by Musealia’s 
expert team in collaboration
with leading historians.

Take an unforgettable journey with the passengers and crew of the RMS Titanic, on its first and final voyage.

Visitors explore the short but epic life of this legendary transatlantic liner, from its hubristic conception, through the shock of unexpected disaster, to the state of the present day wreck, which lies on the seabed, four kilometres down.

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The true human stories behind the myth.

Travel back to 1912 as this remarkable exhibition peels back the myths and misconceptions that surround the famous ship, even today, as we uncover the true human stories at their heart. They are told through authentic original objects, many owned by the passengers and crew, which reveal that the truth is often more moving, and more surprising, than any fantasy.

One of the largest Titanic collections in the world.

Experience life abut the ship through true to life recreations. Climb aboard as you enter through the ship’s main door. Walk down the corridor and visit some cabins. Touch an iceberg and experience a unique connection with the past.

The exhibition paints a compelling portrait of the Titanic’s world through more more than 200 original objects, which provide an authentic encounter with the hopes and dreams of passengers and crew, many of whom made the journey as immigrants, seeking a new life in the New World.

Documents, images and significant fragments of the ship itself, including part of the grand staircase, letters written by the First Officer William Murdoch, the engagement ring of young lovers lost at sea, and the jewel that inspired James Cameron’s film, all connect us to the human tragedy and the lives that were lost.

Life size replicas of the interior of the legendary ship.

You will be able to walk through its entrance, corridor and cabins or touch an Iceberg. A unique bond between the past and present, in which you will feel the Titanic like never before.

More than 3 million visitors worldwide.

An unforgettable experience for all ages, each ticket includes a free audio guide, with information, music and sound effects that immerse you in the truth about the Titanic.
Picture of Carl Robert Carlsson, 3rd class passenger.

Now Open:
Washington DMV, United States
10.18.2023 – 05.12.2024

Next Destination:
Coming Soon

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