Karl Höcker, adjutant to the Commandant of Auschwitz,
and women of the Helferinnen.
Höcker Album – © United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

A visual journey through the crimes the nazis tried to hide.

An exhibition by Musealia and
the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum
with United Nations and UNESCO.

Can we really say that we have seen Auschwitz?

These images of Auschwitz are incontrovertible evidence of the crimes committed at this, the largest and most lethal German Nazi concentration camp.

But most of were taken by the perpetrators themselves, which means they present a major challenge to viewers who are, perhaps unconsciously, being presented with history as seen through a Nazi lens.
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More than 100 images from victims, perpetrators and the outside world.

The exhibition invites us to critically reflect and interrogate these compelling and often shocking, images, which include photographs and drawings by prisoners. We need to ask what they really tell us, not just about this specific place and time, but also about their creators, about the people being photographed and even about ourselves, as viewers, in the present day.

An exhibition by Musealia and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in collaboration with the United Nations and UNESCO.

This unprecedented collaboration brings together leading experts in Holocaust history and education to create an exhibition that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or knowledge level, so that it serves as an essential contribution to learning about the Holocaust.

Survivor testimonies.

A free audioguide, included with every ticket, provides a searching commentary on each exhibit and includes real life testimonies from Holocaust survivors who witnessed these events first hand. People’s learning is expanded further by a wide ranging cultural programme, which runs in parallel with the exhibition and includes talks with survivors, expert workshops and specialist training for teachers, helping them navigate this complex but essential history.

Localised experiences.

Musealia works with local institutions at every exhibition stop to create special eduction materials that complement the regional educational curriculum. These materials encourage reflection and and create powerful local connections, rounding off the experience with activities that make learning about the Holocaust even more accessible to school groups.

Mugshots of prisoners taken at Auschwitz.
©Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

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