“The Berlin Wall. A World Divided” begins its international tour in Madrid


The exhibition opened for the first time on November 9 at Fundación Canal in Madrid, the first of 14 international cities to host it.

It is the first large-scale exhibition about its history, with an extensive collection of more than 300 original objects, including 20 meters of the Wall itself.

In 1961 the Berlin Wall, built by the communist regime of the German Democratic Republic, became a response to the (dangerous) belief that a perfect society could be achieved through a certain ideology. As the philosopher Isaiah Berlin expressed in his speech “Message for the 21st Century,” the obsession with a single solution to all human problems led to the justification of any means to achieve that supposed paradise.

The collaboration over the years with the Stiftung Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Foundation) has led Musealia to reach a new milestone with the opening of this exhibition. Visitors will not only have the opportunity to understand how and why this brutal border regime was built but also to explore the diverse experiences that its existence brought to Berliners on both sides of the Wall. Its history, set against the backdrop of the ideological struggle of the Cold War, serves as a unique platform for exploring essential aspects of our own society.

The director of the Berlin Wall Foundation, Prof. Dr. Axel Klausmeier, emphasized the importance of learning about the historical chapter to which the exhibition alludes: “We hope that The Berlin Wall. A World Divided will serve as a reminder of what happened not so long ago in Europe and raise awareness of the power of the people. Their courage led to the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, which changed the world”.

This unprecedented collaboration, which for the first time brings together more than 60 borrowers, 20 international museums, and an outstanding curatorial team, brings to life an exhibition that goes beyond the conventional narrative on the history of the Berlin Wall. The exhibition explores this symbol of the Cold War within a complex international context, enriched with the most up-to-date documents and research.

The director of Musealia, Luis Ferreiro, stressed the relevance of the message conveyed by the exhibition: “The history of the Berlin Wall is a message from the last century to the citizens of the 21st century. A warning about the fragility and exceptionality of liberal democracies, and about the dangers of authoritarian ideologies. But it is also a message of hope and responsibility: every generation has a responsibility to preserve, protect, and fight for democracy and freedom.”

For more information, visit the website and subscribe to the newsletter at www.theberlinwall.com.


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