Titanic The Exhibition

Titanic The Exhibition is way more than just an exhibition. It is an amazing experience, a time machine that takes us back to 1912 to become real passengers on board the mythical Rms Titanic.

The exhibition is based in 3 pillars: the original artefacts from Titanic, the tri-dimensional recreations of rooms inside the ship and all her real, and sometimes unknown, story.

In this way, through the combination of these three factors, the exhibition is a unique experience for our visitors, who, by the time they reach the end of the exhibit, come to understand the true meaning of the Titanic. The exhibition is a proposal for visitors to meet and discover the ship, to identify with that period in time and feel all the glory and tragedy of the most legendary ship in history.

The visit to Titanic The Exhibition includes an individual audio-tour that will guide our visitors through a voice and the use of music and sound effects. This will even immerse more our visitors into an unforgettable experience.

Please visit www.titanic.eu for further information about the exhibition.



Introduction video


The original artefacts

After more than 30 years of arduous search, the company has been able to compile a fascinating collection of Titanic objects, documents and original images, which can finally been displayed to the public. These are real pieces of history that we have been able to rescue from the past. They represent, therefore, a unique nexus between the past and the present. As the last survivors have died, these artefacts become the only living voices that are left from the Titanic tragedy. And it is their echoes that reach our hearts and allow us to understand the real human dimension of the tragedy involving the Rms Titanic.




Replicas of parts of the Titanic

To make visitors feel like they really are on board the Titanic, the company has created a series of spectacular replicas of rooms inside the ship, based on all the information available.

We wanted to physically place visitors “inside the Titanic”, so that they could really feel what the 2,208 passengers and crew members really felt. Visitors will commence their journey by entering through a replica of the passenger´s gangway, and then will be able to observe the majesty of the grand staircase, see the enormous watertight doors, walk through a first class corridor or even touch an enormous iceberg.

Throughout the course of the exhibition (around 90 minutes), these replicas make our visitors feel like authentic Titanic passengers, enabling them to comprehend what it really meant to travel aboard the “ship of dreams”.




The True Story

The story of Titanic is legendary, but in order to create the exhibition, the company knew it should provide an informational and educational side of the true events that occurred on the ship.

The real story had to be separated from fiction and the general idea the public has of the ship. To do this, the company works with its own specialist, C. G. Wetterholm, who has been a prominent Titanic historian for over 40 years and a member in the expeditions to the remains of the vessel during the nineties.

Hence, the company has sketched out the true story of the Titanic, hour by hour, to narrate it with all its strength and emotion. A visit to the exhibition is a trip through the ephemeral life of the vessel, from its conception and construction to the current conditions of the wreck at a depth of almost 4 kilometres in the North Atlantic. And, along the way, seeing what life was like on board the Titanic: her rooms, her passengers, the collision with the iceberg, the sinking or the rescuing of the survivors…




Technical Characteristics

Titanic The Exhibition has been designed to be easily adapted to the specifications of most temporary exhibition spaces in European museums or venues.

These are the most relevant technical specifications of the exhibition:

  • Area: 1,500 – 2,000 square metres
  • Electrical power: Approximately 10,000 kW
  • Temperature: 18-23º C
  • Humidity: up to 70%
  • Security: Normal surveillance
  • Installation time: 14 days approximately.
  • Minimum height: 3,5 metres
  • Recommended exhibition period: 6 months