Other activities

Our passion is to create unique exhibitions that are able to amaze and thrill our visitors. In order to achieve this goal, we have gathered a fabulous team in all levels: technical, creative, historic or management and marketing.

We, therefore, also work in different activities aside from our core business. Our expertize and knowledge, after selling over 2.000.000 tickets for our own exhibitions, is now available for your company or museum.


  • We are currently studying the chances to promote other exhibitions in Spain. High-quality exhibitions that thrill us as much as our own ones and add real value to cultural and entertainment the landscape of our country.
We have a great experience managing our own exhibitions. We have sold more than 2.000.000 tickets in 10 years, gathering a brilliant team in areas such as marketing, media management or museology. We are experts in providing value added solutions and great experiences for our visitors!

Museum consulting

  • Thanks to the company’s proven experience and success in managing museum
  • projects, Musealia offers its consulting services to museums on issues such as:
  • • Marketing and communication plan
  • • Content development
  • • Design and production of exhibition spaces
  • • Diseño y producción de espacios expositivos
  • • Sponsor searches
  • • Cultural / museum space management
We offer museums or related venues all of our expertize and know-how in the elaboration of marketing or communication plans, as well as any other area related to the traveling exhibition industry.


  • We can also develop new merchandise for your own brand or manage traveling exhibition´s temporal gift shops.
We currently ship merchandise items for our 2 exhibitions: Titanic and Human Bodies. They are highly successful items that are also available to sell in Maritime or Science Museum´s gift shops.