Mission, Vision and Values

Value is created from knowledge, passion for excellence and constant work.


Musealia aims to create the best exhibitions. Authentic experiences that captivate and amaze our visitors. We simply create the kind of exhibitions that we would love to visit.




Our vision is to create emotionally interactive exhibitions, with the highest level of scientific and historic rigour. To do so, we rely on the best professionals and institutions in each field. Only doing so can we create exhibitions we feel proud to show to the public.




We believe in what we do. We feel a real passion about it. Our values are transmitted in each exhibition, whether preserving history o promoting science. It is a great responsibility when a visitor comes to any of our exhibits. They are giving us their most precious belonging: time. We would like to think, or maybe dream, that we do not only amaze and thrill with our exhibitions, but that we also contribute to improve our society.



Our team

Our biggest asset is our people: the human team that forms Musealia. A team that works with great enthusiasm and professionalism. It is a multidisciplinary and multinational group, from designers and technical supervisors to historians and Doctors in Medicine.

Value is created from knowledge. We are extremely proud to have been able to gather this brilliant team that, each and every day, makes possible that thousands of people visit any of our exhibitions.