Titanic The Exhibition sets sail in Halmstad (Sweden)

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This past friday, April 15th, marking the anniversary of the sinking, Titanic The Exhibition opened its doors in the cozy city of Halmstad, Sweden. The mayor of the city, along other authorities and members of Musealia, presided the ceremony.

A very emotive act, mixing theater and music, filled the evening for the more than 150 guests that attended the opening. The exhibition presents in Halmstad a new presentation, which included state of the art showcases and new panels with LED lighting.

In addition, new artifacts have joined the collection of the exhibition. Some, like a tin box from Titanic lifeboats, are displayed for the first time ever. In the other hand, in the reception area, prior to embarking the exhibition, visitors will be able to view one of the original dresses worn by Kate Winslet in the Oscar winning film.

The exhibition will remain open in Halmstad through the spring/summer season, closing its doors in August 31st.