Titanic arrives in Madrid with never before displayed artifacts

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titanic exposición Madrid

Titanic The Exhibition opened in Madrid on October 2nd on the premises of the Fernan Gomez. Centro Cultural de la Villa of the City of Madrid, with the sponsorship of Banco Sabadell, La Vascongada and Canal Historia.

The exhibition includes more than 200 objects, some of them being exposed to the public for the first time ever, after months of careful preparation. These unique items, with tragic stories behind them, include the nightgown 2nd class passenger Carolina Byström wore the night of the sinking, a 1st class passenger list, part of the uniform belonging to the third officer on board or one of the very few 3rd class sitting cards still existing, that belonged to passenger Malkolm Joakim Johnson.

Titanic The Exhibition will run in Madrid until March 6th, 2016, when it will continue with its international tour. As a complement to the stay of the exhibit, different activities and lectures have been organized, under the umbrella of a scientific and cultural program. A variety of topics will be addressed, with titles such as “Titanic and literature”, “The Cinema and Titanic”, “Shipwrecks”, “Food on board” or “The legacy and memory of the unsinkable Titanic”.