Human Bodies now open in Barcelona!

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Human Bodies, the long waited exhibition, has finally opened to the public in Barcelona. Last friday, April 18th, the exhibit was inaugurated at the Cupula de las Arenas (Plaza España), where it will remain till October 12th.

The exhibition displays 12 full human bodies and more than 150 individual organs that have never been seen before in Barcelona, and is supported scientifically in this stay by the Universitat de Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in addition to the usual scientific institutions.

The Scientific Director of the Exhibition, Dr. Rafael Latorre (professor at the Universidad de Murcia and Vicepresident of the International Plastination Society) led the opening, together with Dr. Manuel Llusa (UB) and Dr. Alfonso Rodríguez (UAB).

Dr. Latorre stated that the exhibition was a “unique chance to see and learn about the human body”. The specimens displayed (treated with the plastination technique) will be used by the University of Murcia after their exhibition cycle, so that the always remain pedagogical tools for new medicine professionals.

More than 150.000 visitors are expected to attend the exhibition during its stay in Barcelona.