Human Bodies draws crowds in Barcelona

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After opening its doors last April, an average of 500 visitors have visited the exhibition everyday, with peaks of 1.000 during the weekends. More than 50.000 people have, then, visited the exhibition Human Bodies during its 3 firsts months in the catalan capital. Considered to be one of the “most amazing” exhibitions of the year in Barcelona, the show allows visitors to see and understand what lies beneath their skin.

Composed by 12 full human bodies and more than 150 individual organs, all of them preserved with the plastination technique, the exhibition includes an audio-tour in 4 different languages, making the visit last for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, through the 8 different galleries that show the different systems in the human body.

More than 100.000 visitors are expected to visit the exhibition when it closes its doors in Barcelona next October 12th.