About us

Musealia is a factory of dreams, ideas and emotions, in which our main ingredients are our imagination, passion and hard work.

Musealia is a European company, based in Spain, dedicated to creating and managing traveling exhibitions for museums and similar venues worldwide. We create special hearts on exhibitions that are fascinating and emotionally interactive. The company is the dream of the team that forms it, and of the thousands of visitors that, everyday, experience any of our exhibitions.

Communicating is an exciting task. But we do not pretend to just build up exhibitions. We wish to create experiences. Cultural and emotional experiences that fill the museums with amazed visitors, entertaining and bringing knowledge at the same time, in an enjoyable way but with the highest scientific and historic rigour.





Musealia is a member of Ecsite, the European Network of Science Centres and Museums


How did all begin

The company was founded to manage the maritime and historic legacy from the legendary RMS Titanic. After several decades of arduous work, a brilliant collection of original items was gathered, being the base to create Titanic The Exhibition.

After opening our first and very small exhibition – hardly 350 square meters – in the spring of 2000, the company has enlarged and improved it constantly, building what has become today one of the worlds most visited traveling exhibitions, with almost 200 original artefacts, recreations of inner parts of the ship and explaining her true story through the use of an audio-tour. More than 1.800 square meters of journey on board Titanic.

In 2008, Musealia premiered a new exhibition about human anatomy: Human Bodies. Created in collaboration with the pedagogical team responsible for the acclaimed cartoon series Once upon a time…Life – The Human Body, the exhibition becomes an amazing journey were 100 organs and 10 full bodies  – preserved by the plastination technique –  are displayed.

Nowadays, Musealia manages this 2 blockbuster exhibitions and provides also wide products and services for the museum community: merchandise, consulting services, marketing campaigns, etc.


Founded in February 7th, 2000, the company opened its first exhibition about the story of the RMS Titanic in the spring of that same year. It was a small and humble exhibit of scarcely 350 square meters, but it soon become the seed of this thrilling project.


In August 2003, well known historian, conservator and titanic expert Claes-Göran Wetterholm joined the company. With over 35 years of experience, it is considered to be among the experts with more knowledge about Titanic in the world.


In the summer of 2004, celebrating the International Forum of Cultures, the exhibition was displayed at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. A new collection of artefacts and presentation was incorporated, spreading over 1.500 square meters of exhibition. Unprecedented success was achieved in the 3 months stay at the Museum.


In April 2006, the Science Park of Granada welcomed the exhibition, were it was displayed for 9 months and reached over 200.000 visitors.


In March 2007, the City of Arts and Science (Valencia) hosted the exhibition, that occupied more than 2000 square meters and displayed 50 artefacts that had never before been in display. More than 300.000 joined this journey back in time to meet the true story of Titanic.


In March 2008, the company was renamed to Musealia, and developed a new exhibition about the human body anatomy: Human BODIES. The world premier took place at the Science Museum of Valladolid.


Titanic The Exhibition is displayed, during 6 months in 2009, at the Maritime Museum of Stockholm. It become the first traveling exhibition to ever have a combined ticket to the Vasa Museum.


For the first time ever, in 2012 the Maritime Museum of Barcelona hosted for a second visit a traveling exhibition: Titanic. The commemoration of the 100th anniversary took place at the old shipyards that form the museum. More visitors than in its first stay attended the show, being acclaimed as the exhibition of the year in Barcelona.


In 2013, Human Bodies becomes Musealia´s first exhibition to be displayed outside Europe, being hosted by the Parque Guanajuato Bicentenario in Mexico. Similarly, Titanic makes its debut in Eastern Europe, opening for a limited engagement in Kiev (Ukraine).