“A reflection on the divisions present in our society and in ourselves.”


The exhibition “The Berlin Wall. A World Divided” has already been visited by more than 110,000 visitors, including 25,000 students from more than 500 national and international schools.

Since its premiere on November 9, the 34th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Madrid has hosted a unique proposal: the exhibition “The Berlin Wall. A World Divided”. An educational, interesting and surprising space that has attracted the attention of both students and individual visitors.

“The fall of the Berlin Wall does not mark the end of history, but a starting point for reflecting on the divisions present in our society and in ourselves […] It is essential that visitors return to the present after immersing themselves in the stories and objects offered by the exhibition.” – Pia Eirinhaus, curator of historical and political education at the Berlin Wall Foundation.

Among the more than 110,000 visitors, 25,000 have been students from 500 national and international schools, who define the exhibition as a unique opportunity to learn history. A formative, personal and creative experience where students have the opportunity to see how history comes to life in front of them through the objects, helping them to integrate the knowledge acquired in class and awakening genuine curiosity and interest.

A proposal developed by Musealia, together with the Berlin Wall Foundation and presented in the Sala Castellana 214 of Fundación Canal, where all visitors, including new generations, have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge to better understand this fragment of history, its consequences, and how they are reflected in today’s world. An invitation to reflect on the divisions that persist and how we can overcome them to build a more united world.

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